Using the LINE@ Logo

An explanation of how to use the LINE@ logo.

By using the LINE@ Logo, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms between the LINE@ Logo Guidelines and the user. Please read these guidelines very carefully before attempting to use the LINE Logo.

Downloading the Logo

Inside the logo package file, you will find the basic logo, the logo in 2 colors, and a black white printer-friendly logo. Please use the logo according to your needs.
The LINE@ logo may be used only by users with current LINE@ contracts for the purpose of introducing their own LINE@ account.
※ When used in the media, magazines, and other such media outlets, we kindly ask that you contact us and let us know.



LINE@ Text Logo

Only use the Simple icon when the Basic icon button size is too small for the text to be clearly read.


  • Use the logo we provide you without altering it any way.
  • Use the colors as provided in the downloaded file.


  • Destory or modify the LINE@ logo.
  • Use the LINE@ logo as part of a body of text.
  • Use the LINE@ logo as an app icon or part of a logo.
  • Use the LINE@ logo as a profile picture or background.
  • Use the LINE@ logo to link or forward to a service that is unrelated with LINE
  • Use the LINE@ logo in a way easily confused with another LINE service.
  • Display the LINE@ logo larger than your own website or service's logo.

The Isolation Zone

A buffer of space is required around the LINE Logo. This buffer is known as the "Isolation Zone", and no other components whatsoever may be placed inside this space. Additionally, we ask you to not only maintain this isolation zone, but also please avoid placing any elements near the LINE Logo that may stand out and do harm to the logo's image if at all possible.

Distortion or modification of the logo is forbidden

Actions such as modifying or changing the shape of the logo is detrimental to the image of our company logo. Please use these guidelines as a reference to avoid any accidental misuse of the logo.

× Lengthening vertically/Widening horizontally/Changing the perspective/Rotating the image/Using multiple logos at once/Converting to 3D/Changing the color/Changing the part of a sentence