Using the LINE@ Logo

An explanation of how to use the LINE@ logo

By using the LINE@ Logo, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms between the LINE@ Logo Guidelines and the user. Please read these guidelines very carefully before attempting to use the LINE Logo.

Use of logo data

  • As a general rule, the LINE@ logo data should be used as-is without any edits.

Choosing between service logo and app icon

  • There are two types of LINE@ logo data available: a service logo and an app icon.
    Please use the service logo whenever possible.
    If you need an image smaller than the service logo's minimum size or are unsure if the service logo will be easily visible, please use the app icon instead.

Download data

LINE@ logo data can be downloaded in four separate formats: full-color, full-color negative, monochromatic, and monochromatic negative.
While we recommend using the full-color version whenever possible, feel free to use whichever format fits your needs best.

LINE@ service logo

LINE@ app icon

Isolation zone

In order to maintain logo visibility and distinctiveness, a buffer of empty space (known as an "isolation zone") is required around the logo.
No other elements can be displayed within this isolation zone.

Minimum size

In order to maintain logo visibility, logos cannot be smaller than the minimum size listed below.

Prohibited actions

LINE@ logo data cannot be modified or processed in any way.
Please avoid performing any actions such as the ones listed below. All these rules also apply to the app icon LINE@ logo as well.

Logo modification, changing spacing/font/color, ornamentation, displaying items in isolation zone, using backgrounds that decrease logo visibility, using logo as part of text are prohibited

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